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Addiction Counseling

Do you feel like no one understands the pain you are feeling? Are you using alcohol or drugs because you don’t know how else to cope? Are you hiding yourself from the world? I know that this is a lonely place to be. You’re too afraid of judgement to let anyone know what you’re going through. It doesn’t have to continue being this way. You don’t have to keep living with pain and secrets.

What a relief it would be to let go of the addiction. To know that you have the power to cope with life in a healthy way. I want you to know that you deserve happiness. You can overcome your addiction to drugs and alcohol.

The Cycle of Addiction

Does this sound familiar? You wake up each morning determined to stop drinking alcohol. You tell yourself “today I will not drink”. But by the time four o’clock rolls around, you are justifying why it is you need to have “just one…or maybe two beers”. The next thing you know the sun is coming up, you feel sick and ashamed, and you struggle to remember the details of the previous evening. You think if you could just get control over your drinking, maybe it would take away all of the shame you are feeling. And so the cycle repeats “today I will not drink”.

The disease of addiction is powerful. Even though hundreds of times you have not been able to control your alcohol or drug use, you convince yourself that this time will be different. Day after day after day. It’s exhausting and it never ends.

Why Can’t I Stop Using Drugs and Alcohol?

There’s nothing wrong with you. You are not weak. You don’t lack willpower. Somewhere along the way you learned that using drugs or alcohol was a fast way to numb uncomfortable feelings or thoughts or maybe it was a way to fit in and be liked by others. If you are reading this, you probably have learned that this quick fix isn’t working for you anymore. In fact, it may be making things worse. If you have tried to stop on your own, but have not been able to do so, it is time to reach out for help.

How Will Substance Use Counseling Help Me?

Substance use counseling can look different depending on the therapist and setting for treatment. In general, substance abuse counseling offers guidance and support from someone who has experience and training working with addiction issues. Therapy gives you the tools needed to manage uncomfortable emotions and urges to use. Counseling addresses the mental health issues that often accompany substance use, including depression, anxiety, and trauma.

I provide my clients with a concrete plan and a starting point to begin the recovery process. I support my clients unconditionally regardless of set-backs or the inability to remain clean and sober. Recovery is a process and part of the process is learning from your mistakes. I “meet you where you’re at” meaning if you’re not ready to stop completely, I will support you in reducing your use of alcohol or drugs. Lastly, I help you to learn what perpetuates your substance use and keeps you in the addiction cycle.

If you’re ready for relief, ready to heal and ready to start looking forward to the future please contact me. I can’t wait for us to get started!

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