Why People Relapse After Substance Abuse Treatment

1.       Having “just a little” after some clean time is under your belt. This won’t work. It never has and never will.

2.       Hanging out with the wrong people. You are setting yourself up for failure if you think being around using friends is doable. You know it’s not fun being the only sober one at the party.

3.       You don’t change anything. Most things in your life have to change if you want to stay clean. You cannot have the same patterns, attitudes, and lifestyle and expect the using part of your life to go away.

4.       Having no support after treatment. You most likely have been using for years so why would it take only 30 days in treatment to get well? Family, groups, and therapists are all great resources to help you through the long process of recovery.

5.       Holding it all in. Keeping secrets is a familiar pattern to folks in recovery. How often did you hide your use from your family and friends? When you’re feeling triggered share it with someone. Just getting it off your chest helps the feeling to pass.