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Early Recovery

Have you recently gotten clean and sober? This is a big deal! So much change and growth is happening now. The first several months of sobriety are really hard. As a person in recovery, I know how difficult it is to change everything and start over. It is so critical for you to have support and guidance while you are trying to figure out "what now?".

What is Recovery Counseling?

Recovery counseling is no different than other types of counseling except the primary focus is on maintaining sobriety. Individuals in early recovery are especially susceptible to relapse and need the added support of a therapist. During the first or second therapy session, we will create an individualized relapse prevention plan based on what you need. We explore what will help you to stay on track and what’s working or not working. You will learn to cope with the uncomfortable emotions that were being masked by drugs and alcohol. I do not push ideas of what recovery must look like. I understand that 12-step groups can be beneficial for many but are not a good fit for everyone. 

“Why Do I Keep Relapsing?”

There are so many reasons why someone might go back to using drugs and alcohol. Sometimes it can be hard to determine exactly what it is that caused a relapse. Most of my clients will say that they just started using again with no warning signs, but this is never true! Relapse does not just happen. A therapist can help you to notice and change your patterns. In early recovery it’s especially easy to forget the bad stuff and only remember the relief that substance use provided. You do not get sober and magically remove all of the shame, guilt, and self-doubt that you have been living with for so long. It takes time and work to process these feelings and become confident with who you are.

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Are you ready to get support, feel better, and start living life again?